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The Secret to Better Quality Leads and More Sales is Understanding This...

Our EXCLUSIVE leads go through a Conversion Journey on a Survey or Quiz Generating More QUALITY Leads and Sales

Your customers are our fish.....

and you're gonna need a bigger boat!

No contracts. No fees. Just the results you want

What We Do

Amanda Pay Per Lead

We find customers that love you for who you are

Your sales team are gonna love our leads. We've developed a system that allows us to fish out all the time-wasters and fence-sitters and only give you the customers that truly want what you've got.

Our relationship is uncomplicated and we won't leave you on "read"

The truth is, you don't want to sign a contract for us to manage your campaigns behind closed doors. Ask us how many customers you want, and we'll deliver them to you on a cost-per-lead basis. Sweet, simple, and stress-free.

Working Pay Per Lead

Our Service

Limitless Lead Gen

Our business model allows us to generate warm leads round the clock at scale. Just let us know how many you'd like.

Lead Segmentation

Bespoke Lead Segmentation is what make our leads the ones you like. We'll find the leads that want to talk to you as soon as possible about your service.

Funnel Builds

Our landing pages have been tested and have proven to convert at high rates. We build Funnel Pages free of charge when you work with us.

Why Pay Per Lead?

Pay Per Lead gets our customers far higher quality leads. Though obviously the cost is higher, so is the ROI
Our leads go through a 'Survey' or 'Quiz' to sift out the lower quality clicks, so we can send you the higher quality contacts

'Manged' campaigns deliver a higher volume, but lower quality. This takes up far more time and expense for clients
working their way through them

Our lead generation team have crafted countless successful campaigns for B2B and B2C clients and can produce a consistent, reliable and scalable flow of the highest quality leads – on demand.

Who is ‘pay per lead’ for?

​Our pay per lead service is perfect for national or international business with a broad market of prospects and a reasonable customer lifetime value.
This type of business has a system in place to call leads promptly

It’s not right for smaller local B2C or B2B operations and e-commerce businesses
A Managed Retainer contract works better for smaller businesses)

No Contracts.

If you don't like the quality of what we provide (though we are sure you will) there are no nasty contracts.
We can part ways as friends.

We are a small PPL Agency, who want to remain small so each and every one of our Business Partners get a great service

Some of the verticles we work in

Car Finance

Equity Release / Reverse Mortgage



We work for companies worldwide.
But most of our clients are based in the USA & United Kingdom

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We sell only high-quality B2C leads your sales team will love, which also provide you with an instant ROI.  

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